The_ Donald_Trump_Horror_Gallery_and_Unflattering_Photos_of_the_Orange_Clown_Buffoon_GalleryDonald Trump, the American Horror Story Gallery

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The good thing about Donald Trump is that you don’t have to hear or read him to measure his unfathomable mediocrity, and to call him just an idiot would be offensive to every morons that the earth can carry so much it pushes every day a little more, the limits of indigence and abjection.

This fool spent over 300 days of his presidency playing golf. The other 3 years of executive time were spent watching Fox News for 8 hours daily while tweeting at the tv and eating KFC. Rinse and repeat.

That said, Donald Trump is not the result of a medical experiment that would have gone wrong, supported by a good half of the country, he did not reach, either, the highest office of the States- (de-) United totally by chance.

Donald Trump is the pure product of a puritanical America, arrogant and totally uninhibited, an America that created a failure from scratch, but not only:

Naturally, I could go on for a long time to list the countless misdeeds and crimes of this little junk, but I prefer to leave room for images, better than a lengthy speech, they speak for themselves

Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus


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